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Self-taught photographer, press freelancer in my youth, my professional life took another direction, but I practice photography regularly.


In 2009, it was suggested that I exhibit my work on Romania. "Crossed perspectives on Romania" is exhibited as part of the three-year Europe XXL - Lille 3000 festival.


A four-year course at the "Centre d'Arts Plastiques et Visuels" in Lille and workshops at the "Centre Régional de la Photographie" in Douchy-les-Mines, at the "Beaux-Arts" in Tourcoing, at the "Maison de la Culture” in Tournai and at Tisseurs d'images allow me to clarify my photographic writing and to professionalize my practice.


In 2015 I accompanied refugees from conflicts in the Middle East, from Serbia to Germany, surrounded by photo-journalists. I clearly choose a personal approach, closer to documentary photography, to give a human face to these women and men who are objects of fantasies and fears.


"La Route des Balkans" is exhibited, in particular, at the "Maison de la Photographie" in Lille (2016) and at the "Festival Off de Visa pour l'Image" in Perpignan (2017).


Since 2018, I have been doing long-term work in my living area, in a working-class town in the Lille conurbation undergoing "gentrification". I collect, through portraits, traces of the human, architectural and industrial history of the city and try to put them in dialogue with the indices of emerging social and economic practices.

In 2020, for the benefit of the confinement that I live as a residence, I realize a series of confined self-portraits.

These are exhibited at the SAGA Gallery, in Hellemmes in June 2021 and at the PPGM (Plus Petite Galerie du Monde) in Roubaix in July 2021. They will be exhibited at the Galerie de l'Echo Républicain in January 2022.

I self-publish in 2021 a collection of these self-portraits "He will grow other wings than the old ones", ISBN 978-2-9575639-0-6.

©Olivier Despicht 2020

© 2021 Alain THIREL-DAILLY

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